Top Gynaecologist in Gurgaon for Contraceptive and Birth Control Counselling

Top Gynaecologist for Contraceptive and Birth Control Counselling

Top Gynaecologist in Gurgaon for Contraceptive and Birth Control Counselling

“Pregnancy always by choice, never by chance”.

No couple wishes for an unintended pregnancy, and thus must rely on adequate family planning and birth control. Contraception, hence, is an important and integral part of a couple’s childbearing years. Today, innumerable methods of birth control exist and it becomes essential to discuss them with a professional. Contraception is a broad term and it requires expert knowledge to be shared in a non-judgemental and responsible manner. If you’re a single woman or a couple looking for a good birth control counsellor then your search should end at Dr. Anjali Kumar, the top gynaecologist of Gurgaon. Dr. Anjali is the  Director of The Gynae Clinic, Gurgaon and is the Director of the Department of Gynaecology, Artemis Heart Institute Gurgaon. She holds 27 years of rich experience is gynaecology and strives to provide women of all ages with comprehensive care and counselling.

An ideal contraceptives agent should be  safe, reliable, effective, reversible and economical. Dr. Anjali Kumar  and her team at The Gynae Clinic understands the contraceptive requirements of women of all ages and suggests the best choices available. The process starts with taking a detailed medical history, followed  by relevant medical examinations and required investigations followed by thorough counselling. Dr. Anjali Kumar discusses available contraceptive choices in a non judgemental, impartial and confidential manner, making the patient or the couple as comfortable as possible. Dr. Anjali Kumar also specialises in providing contraceptive choices to women who are associated with high medical risks. All the patients are given  adequate time and sufficient options with regards to the best and latest contraceptives available, in accordance with their requirements.

Contraceptive choices  today are mind boggling and require a professional help.  Consult Dr. Anjali Kumar, the top gynaecologist in gurgaon for the  latest and informative contraception consultation.

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