Top Gynaecologist in Gurgaon for Adolescents

Top Gynaecologist for Adolescents

Top Gynaecologist in Gurgaon for Adolescents

Adolescence and puberty are the times of profound physical and emotional changes in  the human body. An adolescent’s first visit to a gynaecologist can be an experience of a lifetime. Choosing a professional who is warm, sensitive, patient and compassionate is important .The doctor must establish a healthy relationship with the adolescent in order to help her overcome her fears and anxieties related to sexual and genital health.  If you’re a parent planning to taking your daughter to a gynaecologist for the first time, then Dr. Anjali Kumar, Gurgaon’s top gynaecologist, should be your first choice. She has 27 years of rich experience in gynaecology and has led various established medical institutions in the past. Currently she is the Director of the department of gynecology at Artemis heart institute and leads The Gynae Clinic, Gurgaon. Dr. Kumar strives to help women of all ages cope with the changes in their body, be it an adolescent or an elderly woman.

Adolescent gynecology is a sensitive branch of medicine and must be handled by senior, mature, and non-judgemental professionals. The Gynae Clinic, headed by Dr. Kumar, Gurgaon’s top gynaecologist is a speciality centre that provides comprehensive gynaecological services for both adolescents and adults. The Clinic offers treatment for common adolescent problems such as PCOD /PCOS, irregular periods, painful periods, heavy /scanty periods, acne, excessive body hair, obesity and rare genital developmental disorders.  Dr. Kumar also provides counselling for teenage contraception, body image issues, sexual abuse, sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases. The clinic also provides preventive HPV Vaccination and pap smear screening.

. Dr Anjali Kumar, being the top gynaecologist in gurgaon, possesses excellent clinical skills and charismatic counseling abilities which help her strike a chord with young people. She is associated with leading schools of Gurgaon for their school health programs. She is also associated with lot of NGOs and helps in spreading sexual health awareness in underprivileged children in and around NCR.

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