Simple Tips For a Healthy Pregnancy

You can feel wonderful during your pregnancy if you take good care of yourself. Dr. Anjali Kumar, a well-known gynecologist in Gurgaon advises the following tips that can help you reduce the problems you might face during your pregnancy:

 1.  Make sure you eat five to six balanced meals each day. Eat in short intervals. Have  a healthy diet. Avoid eating junk and late night dinners. Golden rule in pregnancy -smaller and frequent meals
2. Don’t take alcohol and don’t smoke.
3. Take prenatal vitamins on time as prescribed by your gynaecologist as soon as you know that you are expecting.
4. Drink lots and lots of fluids to keep your body hydrated.
5 . Take essential nutrients that include folic acid, iron, vitamins, calcium that are needed for the development of the foetus.
6. It is very natural to gain weight during pregnancy. But make sure it is a healthy weight gain. It is very important to exercise so as to avoid putting up those extra pounds. Ask your gynaecologist about the exercises that you can do depending upon your condition. Some exercises advised by Dr. Anjali Kumar are walking, prenatal yoga, kegel exercises and swimming. Kegel exercises helps to build up your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles hold your uterus, bowels and bladder and even avoid incontinence. You can do kegel exercises anytime and anywhere, without anyone even knowing!. Doing prenatal yoga keeps your joints flexible, body strong and brings positivity in the body and mind. But make sure that the prenatal yoga must always be done under a trained teacher. Swimming is a very safe exercise in pregnancy as the buoyancy of the water supports the body weight. But stick to basic swimming strokes, avoid diving and any adventourous moves in the water. Swimming can be done till late in the pregnancy.
7. It is very common to have backaches and swollen ankles during the time of pregnancy. So make sure you take appropriate rest and sleep for at least eight hours a night. It is advisable to take naps during the daytime as well.
8. Wear comfortable shoes and loose cotton clothes that will keep you at ease throughout the day.

9. Don’t take over-the-counter medications or herbal remedies without first consulting your gynecologist.
10. Identify things that activate feelings of nausea so that you can avoid morning sickness.
11. Pack a bag that you need to carry with you to the hospital, write down names, numbers and addresses of nearby hospitals in case of an emergency, speak to your doctor about both a natural delivery as well as a C-section, whether you want an epidural, etc.

Above all it is advisable to stay happy and stress free throughout your pregnancy. Stress can affect the health of both you and your baby. If you still have any doubt then you can talk to your gynecologist about it or you can schedule an appointment with us at “The Gynae Clinic” and allow us to take care of your problems.

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