“Wonderful start to a strong and healthy relationship.”

Marriage is a new phase and an important step in a women’s life. For a strong and healthy relationship with your partner at physical, mental and emotional level, a thorough discussion amongst both partners and their health care provider is a good idea.

A visit to the gynecologist ensure a complete health examination from the perspective of sexual and reproductive health. This opportunity is used to take detailed past and family history of both partners, conduct some health checkups for both the partners, talk about their contraceptive choices and sexual hygiene.

The couple is encouraged to talk about their reproductive plans and advised accordingly to plan their families at their chosen time. This time is also used some time to talk about importance of rubella vaccination and pre conceptional folic acid supplementation in case the couple is planning a conception in near future.

Suggested medical investigations during premarital counselling-

Both partners

    • Complete hemogram
    • Blood sugar, liver function tests, Kidney function test
    • Thyroid stimulation hormone
    • HBsAg, HIV, HCV—optional


    • Rubella antibody levels
    • Thalessemia screening
    • Pap smear
    • USG pelvis