PCOD / PCOS Treatment in Gurgaon

Polycystic ovaries or polycystic ovarian disease or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a female gynecologic disorder of recent times. More and more women are being diagnosed with this complex gynecologic condition with various clinical manifestations. The incidence of polycystic ovaries in urban women seems to be as high as 10-18 %. It is a disorder of endocrine system in which one or both the ovaries have multiple developing eggs, leading to production of abnormal hormones many of which have androgenic side effects in the body.

PCOD may or may not have any symptoms. It may be diagnosed accidentally on a routine pelvic ultrasound or the woman may report to the doctor with few of the following symptoms

    1. Menstrual disturbances—Irregular /absent / scanty / heavy or prolonged periods.
    2. Increase in body weight or difficulty in losing weight.
    3. Signs of androgen excess in the body like increased body hair, acne, scalp hair loss, male pattern balding, increased muscle mass in the body, deepening of the voice etc.
    4. Infertility
    5. Pregnancy complications -Early abortions, gestational diabetes
    6. Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, abnormal lipid profile.
    7. Endometrial hyperplasia


Clinical history, symptoms, hormonal tests and pelvic ultrasound

Polycystic ovaries on the ultrasound are characterized by presence of multiple cysts in the ovary, increased ovarian volume and increased stromal echogenicity.


So what causes PCOD?

It is not completely understood why some women develop polycystic ovaries and others don’t but in many cases PCOS has a genetic predisposition. The life style factors like sedentary life style, wrong dietary preferences and increased stress and worry in life also predispose women towards developing polycystic ovaries. Familial clustering of women is also seen probably due to genetic factors or due to similar dietary and lifestyle factors.

Treatment options


    • Dietary changes, weight loss, regular physical exercise
    • Ovulation inducing drugs, insulin sensitizers, anti-androgens for acne and hirsutism, cyclical pills for menstrual disturbances etc.
    • Laparoscopic ovarian drilling to increase ovulation rates

Dr Anjali Kumar in association with Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gurgaon has launched a special research program to see the effects of YOGA as a treatment modality and therapy for the treatment of  PCOS women. These women are put through a structured and monitored yoga program for one year as a part of this study and are then monitored clinically by various biochemical tests and regular ultrasounds. We have completead first year of this program and have achieved very promising results.

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“PCOD Señora”

Dr. Anjali Kumar specializes in treating polycystic ovary disease and have helped hundreds of PCOS patients till date.  At ‘The Gynae Clinic’ we believe in thorough examination and counselling our patients to arrive at the best treatment options for them. The patients are offered medical solutions, dietary advices, lifestyle tips and individual exercise protocols. 

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