Obesity and Diabetes in Pregnancy


If pregnant women are obese and develop gestational diabetes, then the baby in the womb of such women is likely to grow larger in size and also this child is likely to be prone to diabetes and obesity in his or her later years of life.

Dr. Anjali Kumar advises that the screening programmes must take place well in advance so that many unwanted effects on these babies can be prevented much before the screening for gestational diabetes is done routinely. Having appropriate diet along with exercise can prevent this problem and if this fails then medications can be advised accordingly .Researches show that by the time the mother is diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the growth of the baby is already above normal. So, it is very essential to perform screening in the early weeks of pregnancy for gestational diabetes so that the due precautions can be taken accordingly early in pregnancy to prevent complications in both mother and the baby.

Many studies show that the fetuses of women who have gestational diabetes grew more, prior to diagnosis between 20 to 28 weeks. This happens more in women who have both obesity and gestational diabetes. It is found that these babies are already large at the time of diagnosis and this explains the onset of foetal growth disorder in these babies

Dr. Anjali Kumar is a renowned gynecologist in Gurgaon who has expertise in dealing with mothers with high risk pregnancy especially treating mothers with gestational diabetes and obesity.  At “the Gynae Clinic“, the early screening for gestational diabetes is a part of routine antenatal care.  Special dietary advise and importance of leading an active life style during pregnancy is always emphasized to these patients.

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