Natural Childbirth Oriented Pregnancy Care

Natural Childbirth Oriented Pregnancy Care Programme


The pregnancy care programme at The Gynae Clinic is based on the belief that the childbirth is a very natural process with minimal need for any medical or surgical interventions. Though natural childbirth is a universal phenomenon, today increasing
incidences of caesareans and operative interventions like vacuum and forceps deliveries have made the natural childbirth a lesser common occurrence. The pregnancy care programme at The Gynae Clinic follows the WHO recommendations of
minimal interventions during pregnancy and childbirth; which are compatible with the safety of mother and the baby. The pregnancy care at The Gynae Clinic begins well before the pregnancy at the preconception level and follows through
the entire pregnancy, labour, childbirth and the post delivery period with minimal medications and interventions.
Besides looking after the medical aspects of the pregnancy care we also address the emotional and psychological needs of the couples related to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. The involvement of father is encouraged at all stages of pregnancy and labour. A lot of emphasis is laid upon the knowledge empowerment of the woman regarding all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting by way of antenatal classes. It is an accepted fact that the fear of unknown in pregnancy and labour has a direct effect on the labour and delivery. In an apprehensive and tense woman the labour becomes slower, more painful and difficult leading to more chances of medical interventions. We also incorporate the sessions on the antenatal exercises and postnatal
exercises in our pregnancy care programme. Specially designed antenatal exercises have been found to reduce the pregnancy related problems, ensure healthy weight gain, increase the chances of natural childbirth and help in early recovery after childbirth.During labor, the woman is allowed to progress in labor with the aid of minimal medications ( unless medically indicated ) and offered ample pain management options including epidual anlgesia . At all stages, the support of family members in the labor room is encouraged.