Looking for the best maternity doctor in Gurgaon? Head over to Dr Anjali Kumar @ The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon

The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon

Looking for the best maternity doctor in Gurgaon? Head over to Dr Anjali Kumar @ The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon

 The news of pregnancy brings about the feelings of unbound joy and happiness but along with it, its own share of worries and anxieties. One of the first and the commonest dilemma faced by the couple is to find the right doctor in your pregnancy for antenatal care. Antenatal care is the medical care given to the pregnant woman in pregnancy which includes regular consultations, tests, ultrasounds examinations, counselling sessions, dietary tips,  preparing for labor etc. It helps to regularly track mother and baby’s medical progress and looks over the baby’s growth in order to avert any complications, Antenatal care is started as early as possible in the pregnancy to reap the maximal benefits and to avert any mishaps. It is very important for to-be parents to choose the best gynaecologist at the earliest and the best maternity hospital for delivery. The right doctor should be well qualified, well experienced, skilled, caring, patient and sensitive while the hospital should be well equipped to handle any kind of emergencies 24×7 and should be easily approachable from your house. Dr Anjali kumar @The Gynae Clinic, Gurgaon, should be your top choice if you’re a couple expecting a baby in the National Capital Region.

The Gynae Clinic, Gurgaon, a specialty gynaecological and obstetric clinic, is headed by Dr. Anjali Kumar, a renowned obstetrician, and gynaecologist who provides precise solutions to her parents for the best form of antenatal care. The clinic and its team believe in natural pregnancy care and natural childbirth oriented practices. It means that we encourage the use of a minimal amount of supplements, minimal do’s and don’ts, healthy natural diet advice and encourage the woman to be positive and active in her pregnancy. We encourage to-be mothers to have active physical lifestyles, attend antenatal classes and encourage the involvement of spouse right through all stages of pregnancy. Right from conception, to antenatal care to your delivery, followed by postnatal care, you can expect the best by ‘the Gynae Clinic’ Gurgaon.

High risk pregnancies like twins,  previous caesarean section pregnancies, previous pregnancy failures , gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension  and many more are dealt with utmost care and extra precision at the Gynae Clinic, Gurgaon. We ensure that both the mother and the baby are provided with the best and most comprehensive care throughout the duration of pregnancy for the safest maternal and fetal outcomes.We keep constant vigil over the development of any untoward complications and keep the best investigative backups ready, along with the best labor and neonatal facilities at the chosen hospital.

Our team at the GynaeClinic Gurgaon has vast experience in handling all kinds of pregnancies and is highly recommended by various mothers who are now blessed with healthy babies. Head over to www.thegynaeclinic.com to know more about our clinic.

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