Looking for best maternity hospital in Gurgaon? Head over to The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon

The Gynae Clinic

Looking for best maternity hospital in Gurgaon? Head over to The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon

The maternity clinic that you choose during your pregnancy decides whether on not you’re going to have a smooth ride during the following 9 months. A good clinic and it’s doctors will make sure that you and your baby’s health and safety is taken care of and both are provided with comfort while treating counseling and watching over your progress with utmost professionalism and expertise. The clinic should be equipped latest technologies, adequate staff and an experienced team to provide you with all-round care. The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon could fit all your needs if you’re a to-be mother looking for a maternity clinic in Delhi NCR.

Services offered at The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon include care of high-risk pregnancies, antenatal counselling, and care, antenatal classes, labor, delivery: both normal and cesarean. We at the Gynae Clinic believe that every woman and her health care needs and different and thus all our treatments and counselling is patient driven and special, blended with care and professionalism. With sophisticated maternal and fetal monitoring systems and standardized international protocols, we ensure the best maternal and fetal outcomes.

Dr. Anjali Kumar, the head of the Gynae Clinic Gurgaon holds 25 years of rich experience in the field of gynaecologist and is the most recommended and trusted gynaecologist in the city. She is an ex army officer and is also the head of the department of Gynaecology at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, and has headed various prestigious institutions in the past, including army hospitals. She has conducted various complex gynecological surgeries in the past and all her past patients, who are now mothers to beautiful babies, recommend her and the clinic. She strives to provide treatment to women of all ages while ensuring their safety, comfort and care.

Visit our website www.thegynaeclinic.com to know more about us, our team and Dr. Anjali. The Gynae Clinic Gurgaon is capable of providing you with comprehensive gynecological services with a holistic approach blended with professionalism and care. We will guide you seamlessly through the 9 months, making you comfortable throughout, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. Dr. Anjali holds expertise in antenatal care, high-risk pregnancy, and postnatal care, ensuring the safety or mother at all times.

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