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Gynaecological disease

3 Stages of Labor

  1. From the onset of labor to full dilation and effacement of cervix.
  2. From the full dilation and effacement of cervix till the delivery of the baby.
  3. From the delivery of the baby till the expulsion of the placenta.
Labor and Delivery in Gurgaon
Labor and Delivery

Normal Vaginal Delivery vs Caesarean Section

Worldwide the accepted rate of vaginal delivery for a standard safe fetal and maternal outcome should be 70- 75 %. Which means only 25- 30 % women (higher in institutions which tackle high risk deliveries) should ideally require a caesarean section. But today because of various reasons, the rates of planned and emergency caesarean section arerising. The reasons could be large for size babies, sedentary lifestyles, medical complicationsin pregnancy like hypertension and diabetes, late age pregnancies, pregnancies conceivedafter ART, pregnancies with previous caesarean section, low threshold for pain, social reasons, medico-legal implications etc.
Planned elective caesarean section is generally performed at 39 weeks of pregnancy or earlier based on various maternal and fetal parameters. On the other hand, the decision for an emergency caesarean section is taken during labor, in case of conditions like inability of the fetal head to descend despite good contractions ( cepahlo-pelvic disproportion ) , non
progress of labor, fetal distress, passage of meconium, maternal bleeding etc.The decision for a caesarean section , whether planned or emergency is taken after detailed discussion with the patient and the family explaining the risks and benefits of the procedure.

Pain Relief during Labor

“Fear brings more pain than does the pain it fears”… By John Golden

    • Support of family members and husband.
    • Breathing techniques (Lamaze)
    • Leboyer’s Method
    • Pharmacological Methods
    • Entonox
    • TENS (Transcutaneus electrical nerve stimulation) machine
    • Epidural analgesia- painless delivery

We at ‘The Gynae Clinic’ believe in empowering our women with the knowledge regarding labor, help them make their choices and guide them throughout the entire journey.

Dr. Anjali Kumar, Sr. Consultant and Director of obstetrics and Gynecology, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon has 25 years of experience in taking care of high risk pregnancies and performing successful deliveries. She is heading the high risk, tertiary level, labor unit at Artemis Hospital with an unmatched infrastructure and technology and standardized international labor protocols. She has handled successfully all type of complicated and critical obstetric cases till date from Gurgaon, Delhi and surrounding areas. She is constantly striving to develop patient strategies and labor protocols to increase normal delivery rates and decrease caesarean / instrumental deliveries.  She routinely encourages and does a lot of VBACs ( vaginal birth after caesarean section). She routinely employs and encourages labor analgesia methods for easy and comfortable birthing experience.