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Gynaecological malignancies are on the rise. Cancer cervix, breast cancer, cancer body of uterus, ovarian cancer are the commoner types of genital cancers seen these days. Many of them actually do not cause any major symptoms in the beginning and may be detected accidentally or during routine health checkups. A detailed personal, past and family history, thorough physical examination and detailed investigations would help in clinching the diagnosis fast and initiating the treatment at the earliest. Following methods are employed to arrive at an early diagnosis thereby instituting early treatment

    • Physical Examination: Per speculam /per vaginal examination, VIA, PAP smears,  HPV testing, diagnostic laparoscopy, colposcopy, diagnostic hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy
    • Biochemical: Tumor markers such as Human chorionic gonadotropin, urinary gonadotropin peptides, Alpha fetoprotein, CA125 etc.
    • Radiological: Ultrasound scans , CT scans, MRI scans.


Pap smear is a common cervical cancer screening test where exfoliated cells from the superficial surface of the cervix are collected by a cytobrush or a spatula and then sent to a cytopathologist to look for abnormal or premalignant cells. This test can also to done to look for presence of ‘Human Papilloma Virus ‘which is known to be a causative agent for the cervical and other genital cancers.

The pap smear should be done regularly every 03 years after the onset of sexual activity or 21 years, whichever is earliest. This test barely takes few minutes to take, not painful, not expensive, and the results are ready in 2-3 days. One should try to schedule an appointment for the test, preferably when not bleeding vaginally and preferably 2-3 days after the last intercourse. We at ‘The Gynae Clinic’ offer the best and latest in cervical cytology techniques like Liquid based cytology, High risk HPV genotyping, E6/E7 mRNA testing for the accurate diagnosis of cervical cancers.

The patients with positive Pap Smears are then offered further tests like colposcopy, cervical biopsy, pelvic ultrasounds, MRI scans etc.


HPV vaccines for prevention of cervical cancers

Dr Harold van Zurhausen was awarded nobel prize for establishing the association between the cervical cancer and the HPV

Two types of vaccine are available

    • Bivalent
    • Quadrivalent

These vaccines are offered to girls from the age of 09 – 45 years ( the recommendations vary for different countries).

Housed with modern equipments and a highly efficient team, ‘The Gynae Clinic’ offers comprehensive solutions for gynaecologic cancer screening and prevention in Gurgaon. Contact our clinic reception to schedule your visit.