Women Health Care


“Looking after women’s health – a preventive perspective”

A modern, corporate working women follows a jet set life style. Most of these women are juggling between home and their full time careers. They have a dual responsibility of looking after their homes as well as excelling in their professions. Coupled with the paucity of time, sedentary lifestyles and not so healthy foods, these women are prone to host of lifestyle illnesses like PCOD, hormonal disorders, ovarian cysts, obesity, insulin resistance and stress related problems.

At ‘The Gynae Clinic’ we understand the importance of looking after women’s health from a preventive perspective. A regular preventive health checkup actually goes a long way in diagnosing an illness before it becomes symptomatic and problematic. A preventive health checkup for women comprises of detailed present, past and family history, exhaustive examination including a pelvic bimanual examination, breast examination, hematological tests, cervical cytology, pelvic ultrasounds, breast imaging (ultrasound / mamography)  or any other  specific investigation.

After the investigation results, another meeting between the doctor and the patient is scheduled to discuss the results of the investigations and plan for any further course of action. Education and awareness about diet, exercise, good sleep, healthy weight along with stress management and lifestyle counselling forms a significant part of our corporate preventive health program.


Dr Anjali Kumar, Director ‘The Gynae Clinic’ is a gynecologist of repute with over 25 years of rich experience in the field. Her belief in the preventive and holistic approach to the disease help women to be aware of their future medical risks and take steps proactively to mitigate them.