Breastfeeding Increases IQ of Pre-term Kids

Breast milk is one of the most preferred options of nutrition for a newborn baby. There might be some kind of hesitance initially with the new moms but after knowing that breast milk has bundles of nutrition and benefits for both the mom and the baby inspires many mums to breast feed their babies. It is advisable to breast feed your baby during the first hour of birth that provides surplus benefits for the baby as the baby receives the “colostrum” which is enriched with immunological properties. This protects the baby from all the infections and diseases.

The babies who are breastfed are on higher side of intelligence. They are likely to be more educated and perform better in IQ, mathematics, working memory and motor function tests. It is also inferred from a research that the babies who are breastfed for a longer period of time have intelligence up to age of 30 years and can attain higher education.

It is necessary to provide support to mothers who have had pre-term babies to increase their breastfeed frequency. Also, it is advisable to feed pre-term babies with mother’s milk during neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) hospitalization. This is important not only for the moms but everyone so that they can provide the much-needed support to the mom who is struggling hard to produce milk for their babies. Therefore, experts say that the babies must be breast fed for proper development of the brain and to protect them from infections and chronic diseases.


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