Gynaecological Check up


“Preparing for a healthy pregnancy, safe delivery and a joyous motherhood”

Pregnancy is a beautiful time of expectation. It is a wonderful and unique feeling when you know someone special is growing inside you. Although pregnancy and childbirth are natural phenomenon, yet they are unique, special and different for every mother, each time. It is also the time for lot of apprehensions, fears, doubts and anxiety for every expectant couple. There are many unanswered questions. Will my pregnancy be normal ? Should I eat this or not ? Is travel OK in pregnancy ? Will I have a normal delivery or a caesarean ?

In today’s world with majority of couples living in a nuclear family structure either by choice or due to unavoidable circumstances, the advice of experienced elders regarding pregnancy and childbirth is usually not available. The healthcare professionals too do not have adequate time to discuss in detail or address the various issues bothering the expectant parents in their busy OPDs. So what can be done to fill in this void ? Internet sites, magazine articles, pregnancy books and hospital visits do help but antenatal classes provide the expectant couples an informal setting where they can learn, discuss and prepare themselves for the pregnancy, labor and parenting. It has been scientifically proved that women who have prepared themselves physically and psychologically for the labor, always have shorter, faster and easier deliveries.and lesser chances of medical interventions like caesareans and instrumental deliveries.

At ‘The Gynae Clinic’, we have designed a concise single day workshop for the expectant couples where they are taught about pregnancy changes, diet in pregnancy, labor process, antenatal & postnatal exercises and Lamaze (Special breathing techniques for easy and painless labor) along with tips for newborn care and parenting.
The workshop is usually conducted once a month on a Sunday morning and the session lasts for 4-5hrs. We recommend this workshop to attended after completion of 20 weeks of pregnancy so that you have enough time to practice what has been taught in the workshop. For dates, booking & registration contact 9810781931, 9810121755

Lamaze Breathing Technique


Fear brings more pain than does the pain it fears… By John Golden

It is a special breathing technique which helps in training the mind not to think about pain during labor. A technique of psychoprophylaxis, pionereded first by a French obstetrician called Dr Ferdinand Lamaze, is now a very popular and effective method of pain relief followed by many women in labor. At ‘The Gynae Clinic’, women are explained and encouraged to practice these breathing techniques in labor.