Gynaecological Check up


“Supportive healthcare for a woman during the pregnancy.”

It is important to make sure that you and your unborn baby are looked after well, right from the start of your pregnancy. Antenatal care is the supportive healthcare a woman receives throughout her pregnancy. As an expert, Dr Anjali Kumar guides her patients throughout the pregnancy and ensures that the mother is well informed, well cared, well monitored and participates in the entire process.


Yes, antenatal care is an important part of your pregnancy. It helps you and the doctor to keep an eye over your progress and the baby’s growth that can avert many pregnancy and labor complications. The antenatal care is initiated as early as possible in pregnancy and consists of regular doctors visits, counseling sessions, dietary tips, antenatal classes, investigations and ultrasound examinations.



Dr. Anjali Kumar is a renowned obstetrician & gynaecologist in Gurgaon who provides precise solutions to her patients towards better antenatal care. We at ‘The Gynae Clinic’ believes in natural pregnancy care and natural child birth oriented practices. These includes use of minimal supplements, minimal do’s and don’ts, healthy natural dietary advices, encouraging women to have active physical lifestyles, antenatal classes and involvement of the spouse at all stages of pregnancy. From pre-marital, pre-conception, antenatal to post natal care, you can experience unparalleled service and care at ‘The Gynae Clinic’.